Lawn and Garden

For  plant disease, turf disease, and nematodes please check the Dept. of Plant Pathology .

For insect problems please check with the Insect Diagnostic Lab.

Lawn and Garden Soil Samples 

Forms & Instructions: Submission Form | Sampling Lawns and Gardens (A2166)

Applications: Home lawns, home vegetable and flower gardens, non-commercial fruit crops, landscape trees and shrubs.

Standard Analysis: $15 / sample. Includes soil pH, percent organic matter, phosphorus and potassium analysis in addition to a lime recommendation, fertilizer recommendation and other environmental tips.

Optional: | Soluble Salts: $7 | Physical Analysis (percent sand, silt, and clay): $23 | Calcium and Magnesium $3|

Lead screening is also available for $15 per sample.


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