Wisconsin Procedures for Soil Testing, Plant Analysis and Feed & Forage Analysis

Editor: John Peters
Soil Science Department
College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
University of Wisconsin-Extension-Madison

Last revised: October 2013

* This on-line document replaces the publication "Wisconsin Procedures for Soil Testing, Plant Analysis and Feed & Forage Analysis", No. 6, Soil Fertility Series; last revised 1987 by E.E. Schulte, J.B. Peters and P.R. Hodgson. The work of these individuals as well as many other current and former laboratory staff members is gratefully acknowledged.

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Development of Soil Testing Procedures


Lime and Fertilizer Recommendations

Soil Analysis

Plant Analysis

Feed and Forage Analysis

Manure and Environmental Analysis

Greenhouse & Lime

Total Elemental Analysis with ICP-OES and ICP-MS

Animal Tissue Analysis

DNR Certified Procedures

Individual Method References

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